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Flower share

West Harlem CSA 2014 Extra Share information

We are pleased to offer optional weekly flower, coffee and egg shares at an additional fee to your regular vegetable shares from our friends at Windflower Farm, Joint Venture Farm, and Red House Roasters. We are also excited to offer a variety of monthly Lewis Waite Farm Shares.

Flower Share: Decorate your table with weekly organic blooms from Windflower Farms! A flower share costs $124 for 10 weeks of beautiful organic flower bouquets grown with love and care by Ted’s wife from the gardens of Windflower Farm.

Egg Share: We are offering farm fresh pastured eggs! Enjoy 22 weeks of golden yoked, fresh fresh, brown eggs from the happy healthy hens at The Davis Family Farm (neighbor to Windflower Farm). Because they make use of innovative portable coops, their chickens are on fresh grass every day. Pick up the tastiest pastured eggs money can buy every week for the entire 22 weeks of the CSA season. A share of 1 dozen eggs for 22-weeks costs $122. While 2 dozen eggs per week is $244 for the season.

Coffee Share: We are pleased to offer our members the opportunity to support small coffee farmers through Red House Roasters coffee share. This Red House Roasters are offering the West Harlem CSA certified organic, fair trade beans bought directly from the farmer and roasted along side the Hudson River in Union City, NJ. Coffee will be delivered 6 times throughout the CSA season. Each month our friends at Red House Roasters will select a different freshly roasted bean to share with the CSA through the regular coffee share. Members can also opt for a dark roast or decaf coffee share. All shares are available in one or two pound increments of whole coffee beans. A full pound share of whole beans is $54.00 a share (which is $9/lb) or two pounds for $102.00 (which is $8.50/lb). Coffee arrives once a month, in 6 deliveries total. Deliveries will be made on the following days: June 17th, July 22nd, August 26th, September 16th, October 21th, and November 18th.

Lewis Waite Monthly Farm Share: This is the second year Lewis Waite Farm is offering a monthly share program. There are several styles of shares available this year including: The Carnivore ($240), The Vegetarian ($240), The Omnivore ($300), The Cheese Lover ($180), The Challenger ($60), and The Bread Lover’s Share ($73). Delivered once a month on: June 24, July 22, August 19, September 16, October 28, and November 11. Click Here for a full description and samples of each share. To order your Lewis Waite share, print out this form and mail it in to the Extra Shares coordinator (with your payment!) by May 15th.

Please note that flowers and eggs arrive weekly (that means each and every week), so if you are receiving a half share of vegetables which you pick up every other week, you will still need to pick up your eggs/flowers on your “off” week. We also recommend finding another West Harlem CSA member to share fruit, flowers, and eggs with to ensure that you are on opposite weeks, please partner up with someone that has a last name at the other end of the alphabet! Additionally you can email Megan the extra shares coordinator to ensure you and the members you are sharing these extra goodies with are on opposite pick-up weeks!




Flower Share: 10 weeks of organic bouquets for $124

Egg Share: 22 weeks of farm fresh pastured eggs!
1 dozen eggs each week for $122
2 dozen eggs each week for $244

Coffee Share: A monthly delivery of Coffee.Choose from 1 or 2 lbs a month of regular, decaf, or exclusively dark roast coffee.
1 Pound $54.00 ($9.00 per pound)
2 Pounds $102.00 or ($8.50 per pound)

Lewis Waite: To order your Lewis Waite share, visit http://www.csalewiswaitefarm.com. If you don’t already have an account, contact the farm at 518.692.3120 or via email farmoffice@csalewiswaitefarm.com for login information.

Please use the link below to order your extra Flower, Egg, and Coffee shares:

Payment is requested in full upon sign-up.

Please email the extra shares coordinator Megan at mlhungerford@gmail.com with any additional questions.

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