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Extra Shares Updates

Flower and Egg shares are no longer available.

There is still time to purchase Coffee shares, and Lewis Waite shares are also still available. Click here for more info!

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Windflower Farm’s winter share consists of a collection of organically grown storage vegetables and greens, and apples, pears and cider from neighboring farms, all pre-packaged in a 1-bushel box. Winter share boxes will be delivered on four Saturdays during the winter (11/19/2011, 12/17/2011, 1/21/2012, 2/11/2012). West Harlem CSA Winter distributions will take place at Broadway Presbyterian Church, from 12:00 to 1:00.

Mary and Bob Pratt from Elihu Farm are also offering egg shares to Winter shareholders. If you purchase an egg share, it will be delivered along with your Winter vegetable share.

Have a great Winter and enjoy your Winter Share!

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May 27th Last Chance to Purchase Limited Available Shares!

The start of the new season is just around the corner (June 7th) but we still have a limited amount of shares available for purchase. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a share, now’s the time to do it. After May 27th, we will no longer accept any share purchases and we will inform you if shares are sold out before then.

Sign Ups for the 2011 Season is Closed!

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We Have Shares Available!

We still have shares available for the 2011 CSA season!

Don’t wait to purchase yours. Visit this link Online Membership Agreement to complete your membership agreement online. Or to download the membership agreement and complete it manually click here

If you want to secure your participation in the 2011 season, you will need to return the membership agreement by May 23 with full payment as soon as possible.

We are selling shares on a first come, first serve basis, and when we are sold out that’s it for the season, so please don’t wait to purchase your share.

Once you become a member by purchasing a veggie share, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional shares like fruits, eggs and even coffee.

Please see our extra items page for information on all the extra items being offered this season.

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Spring is here and we are in the middle of signing up members for the 2011 CSA season!

Pick ups for our 2011 season will start on June 7th and end on November 1st. We just sent out our 2011 membership agreement to our very long wait list on Monday.

If you want to secure your participation in the season, you will need to return the forms by April 22nd with full payment as soon as possible.

We are selling shares on a first come, first serve basis, so please don’t wait to purchase your share. If there are shares still available, we will open it up to the general public next Monday the 28th.

Looking forward to seeing everyone for the new season. Please see our extra items page for information on all the extra items being offered this season.

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Tongues of Fire Beans

Tongues of Fire (Phaseolus Vulgaris) have a fresh flavor and mild texture. The Tongues of Fire Bean is very popular in Italy, though the seed was found at the tip of South America. For the most part, the pod is inedible. To be safe, if it is in its shell, shell it. Fresh shelling beans require little cooking time, little seasonings and their shelf-life is rather short. They have a fresh flavor and absorbent nature. Combine them with savory spices and aromatic herbs. Use in casseroles or dishes that highlight beans, such as cassoulets, vegetable stews, soups and cold bean salads. See recipe here.

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Caring for your share

Make the most of your share and avoid waste by following a few helpful when-to-eat tips and storage guidelines!

Prep ahead:
Prepping will make it easier to use up your produce on busy nights. Rinse or scrub vegetables as soon as you get home. Exceptions are cabbage, root vegetables that you don’t plan on eating right away, and berries and stone fruits. These store best whole and dry. (Be sure to dry all produce thoroughly before storing to prolong life.) Remove green tops from root vegetables to prolong the life of your carrots, radishes, beets, etc.

Eat strategically:
Delicate leafy greens and fruits, and certain vegetables such as corn, fava beans, and okra, should be eaten first because they go bad quickly. Hardier greens (e.g., kale) will last for a couple more days and veggies (e.g., cucumbers, peppers, zucchini) can last up to a week in the fridge. Root and late season vegetables (think garlic, onions, carrots, radishes) will last for a long time.

Not sure what to do with your produce? Check out the newsletter and CSA blog for recipe ideas!

Store smart:
Don’t store fruits in the same drawer or bag with your veggies. Fruit emits ethylene gas that will make veggies spoil faster.

Not everything should be refrigerated! Tomatoes and eggplant are best kept on the counter; onions, garlic, potatoes, and squash (including pumpkin) in a cool, dark, well-ventilated cupboard.

Thoroughly dry your produce, especially delicate greens and herbs before storing. Store salad greens in a bag or salad spinner with a couple paper towels to absorb moisture. Herbs do well when shaken dry and stowed in a jar or cup with an inch of water, cover with a plastic bag and stow on the lowest shelf in the fridge. You can also roll them up in a paper towel and store in a bag.

Consider investing in green bags for refrigerated items. These bags (available at some supermarkets or cooking supply stores) absorb the ethylene gas that causes spoilage.

Save your produce for later before it spoils. Freeze, dry, pickle, or can it. We hope to hold a canning workshop later in the season. Stay posted!

Share the bounty:
It’s not possible to preserve salad greens, so it’s either eat ’em, share ’em, or in the trash (or compost) they go. If you find that you are unable to consume your salad greens or any other produce on a particular week, share them with a friend or neighbor!

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