News from Windflower Farm: Nov. 1, 2011

November 1, 2011 at 9:44 pm Leave a comment

Saturday’s snowfall (our second snowstorm this week!) and today’s unusually cold temperature added a new dimension to the harvest. We had to wait until noon for the greens to thaw enough to cut. But at least we didn’t have to shovel them out – Sunday and Monday’s bright sunshine melted most of our snow. There was enough snow, however, that Salvador and Monica had to abandon their van and walk up the final hill leading to the farm. Dave English, our elected Highway Superintendent, is a dairy farmer. Plowing is always casual around here, and rarely begins before his milking chores are finished. And if it appears that the sun will be powerful enough to melt the snow, plowing won’t happen at all. So, Salvador was making first tracks up our road when the steepness of the hill and the poor traction provided by his van’s rear wheel drive forced him to give up. Monica, who is Salvador’s 22-year old daughter, had never seen snow before, and doesn’t understand why anyone would choose to put up with it. She has had enough and is looking forward to her return to Mexico. She will go home to her husband next Saturday. Her mom and dad and two little brothers, however, are here to stay. They were granted green cards in the spring. The American dream remains a powerful draw to many on the south side of the US border. By this time next year, Salvador will be driving in the snow like a local.

Don’t forget to sign up for the winter share this week. Because we were late in getting the word out, we are extending the sign up period until next week (November 10th).

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