Dill – A Versatile Herb

DillFresh, frozen or dried, this ferny foliage is a tasty flavoring for fish, lamb, new potatoes and peas. Also use it to flavor butter and oil to add zest to your veggies and yogurt for a great dip. Remember to add dill at the end of cooking, because cooking will destroy most of its flavor.

So Much Dill, So Little Time

If you don’t have time to use all your herbs before they start to wilt, try preserving them with one of these freezing techniques. These methods generally work well for tender leafy herbs such as basil, chives, parsley, cilantro, dill, and mint.

Easy Street: Paint the leaves with some light olive oil or vegetable oil and place them into ziplock bags to be frozen. Some may turn black when they freeze but the flavor is held very well and they taste almost like fresh when you take them out to use them.

Frozen Dill Tops

Paste: Make a paste or “pesto” with oil and herbs in a blender or food processor. You then freeze the pesto in a ziplock bag or on waxed paper. Once it is frozen, store in freezer and cut off pieces as needed and thaw in your hot recipes.

Ice Blocks: Chop herbs coarsely, fill ice cube trays with herbs, add a little water to cover and freeze. Thaw them and drain well. Chop finely to use in recipes. These are especially useful when you want to just throw a few ice cubes of herbs into a nice hot soup.

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